Multitasking at its best with Sphere!
Sphere allow you to run your recent apps on top of others by creating little "bubbles" (after an app launch) on which you can tap to reveal the corresponding app in the form of an overlay that take 80% of your screen, helping you with your day to day productivity.
It has been developed from scratch because back in the iOS 9-10 days I felt in love with a tweak called AppHeads. Also, a lot of users requested an alternative that work on recent iOS versions so I decided to made one by myself and after several months of development and testing, here we go :)
Here are the main Sphere features (list may evolve with updates):

  • Run your recent apps on top of others
  • Move your app spheres all around your screen as you want
  • Have a stack of spheres that on tap will reveal all the hidden spheres (for a cleaner look)
  • To launch an app through its sphere : simply tap on it
  • You can launch an app in full screen mode by long pressing on it
  • You can blacklist apps so that spheres aren't created for them
  • Customize the look and feel of the app view and the bubbles by going to its settings

Sphere has been released after 202 test builds to ensure best quality. However bugs may happen. If you are facing some, feel free to email me or contact me through Twitter, I'll reply to you ASAP ;)
Special thanks to @DylanDuff3 for having provided great help to me :)
Enjoy what is one of the tweak I like the most personally :)

Version History Version History
  • Improved spheres placement system
  • Added a badge in the spheres stack for you to be aware of the real spheres number
  • Improved badge code
  • Fixed the stack being able to be removed with the killing sphere
  • Fixed wrong sphere alpha value when showing all the spheres with the stack while in an application
  • Fixed stack‚Äôs icon quality
Version 2.0.1
Updated March 5, 2021
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 11.0 or later