Feel more your device by making it vibrate!
Compatible from iOS 9, Vibrato allow you to add haptic feedbacks (for device that support it so from iPhone 7) to supported area. At the moment, these are the supported iOS parts ;

  • Keyboard
  • Lock / Opening Notification Center / Respring
  • Unlock / Dismissing notification center
  • Icons click
  • Home button
  • Power button
  • Volume buttons
  • Power down screen
  • Call events
  • ... And many more planned!

It also support setting different style of feedback (only for haptic devices aka iPhone 7 and up for now).
Do you know the best ? It doesn't need any respring for the changes to take effect !
If you want more iOS parts to be supported simply send me a DM in Twitter ;)
Please note : for iPhone 6s users, Taptic feedback will be triggered. For other devices with classical vibration engine, simple vibration will be triggered.
Enjoy !

Version History Version History
  • Fixed respring loop when rejailbreaking
  • Improved memory consumption and management
  • Reorganized settings to improve finding options
  • Added killing app event
  • Added Siri event
  • Added screenshots event
  • Added Reachability event
  • Added text actions (copy / cut / paste) events
  • Added alert appearance / disappearance events
  • Added control center appearance event
  • Added control center toggle press event
  • Added control center module expanding event
  • Added home screen folder opening / closing events
  • Added spotlight event
  • Added passcode buttons event
  • Added bluetooth connection event
  • Added system wide buttons events
  • Added system wide nav bar buttons events
  • Added system wide tab bar buttons events
Version 2.0
Updated May 26, 2020
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 9.0 or later

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