Bohemic NOIR
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About it

Bohemian Definition 1 A vague term used to refer to people who live some sort of "alternative" often artistic lifestyle. NOIR Meaning 2 Noir stands for "Night" in french or as I like to say "Dark" .
Many of you from the community requested a full dark version of Bohemic, so here it is, as dark as it can get. Same beautifully crafted glyphs from the original Bohemic, same offerings, same support and last but not least same updates as the main Bohemic theme.

What it offers

  • The theme currently has 400+ themed icons and also alternate icons. (Works with Snowboard / Anemone / iThemer)
  • Works on the iPad too, beautiful and crisp.
  • Every single icon is crafted from ground 0, from the gradients to the vector variation.
  • Bohemic has its own icon mask (as an option) which changes the radius of the icons to a more smooth and rounded shape.
  • Custom settings icons.
  • Custom notification badge in a cool dark style.
  • Custom respring animation.
  • You can suggest icons to be included in the next update here . Read the instructions clearly please.
  • Updates are already in development and you can keep track of them on my Twitter

Check out the Original Bohemic

  • Beautiful gradients crafted with care.
  • Popping colors.
  • Amazing vector glyph variations.
  • Everything that Bohoemic NOIR offers, Bohemic has too and vice-versa.
  • Get it here

What's New in v 1.0.3

  • Designed 60+ new fresh & delicious icons with care and love.
  • Icons refinements in terms of gradients and glyph design because we are all about details here.
  • Added custom badge because they are cool.
  • Added respring animation, you got to see it in action.
  • Added beautiful blank icons with all them amazing gradients that Bohemic offers.


  • If you'd wish to support further development of Bohemic you can make a donation here.
  • Once you purchase Bohemic NOIR all future updates will be free.
  • Refunds will be declined after one day of use.


Bohemic NOIR works best with simple, dark wallpapers ;)


Thanks once again to everyone for all the support! See you on Twitter

Version History Version History
  • Icon Refinements
  • Added 60+ new fresh icons
  • Added custom notification badges in dark style
  • Added respring animation, you have to see this one
  • Added blank icons with the beautiful dark gradients as well as the colorful gradients from Bohemic
  • And last but not least added a bit more love. Thank you all for the support!
Version 1.0.3
Updated October 9, 2019
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 7.0 - 12.4

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