-234 Icon Stuffs
-Setting Icon Stuffs
-2 badges
-1 dock (iThemer or Anemone)
Theme for Snowboard, iThemer & Anemone
Icon Request(5 Icons) to
Changelog: 1.1
-Aadded 20 Icon Stuffs
-Fixed vpn theme icon from device setting (which theming engine supported device setting icon stuffs)
-Aadded phone alt, photo alt, setting alt, weather alt, app store alt (5 alt icon stuffs)
if you used iThemer go to device setting and go to iThemer select Orange Dude Alt after alt.theme will
Changelog: 1.2
-Additional 40 Icon Stuffs
-You can make your icon request vai the email (
-Provide proof of purchase (transaction screenshot)
-You can request 5 icons, you can always follow my updates on twitter
Twitter LinkTwitter Link
Changelog: 1.3
-Additional 14 Icon stuffs
-iCleanerPro theme
-Aadditional Dock by PeterPan
Changelog: 1.4
-Additional 70 Icon stuffs
-2 AE
Note: show screenshots, show description don't refund

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Version 1.5
Updated December 2, 2019
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) iOS 10 - iOS 13

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