A beautifully unified simple and familiar iOS theme...

~ Design ~

I built this theme to feel familiar while also communicating a coherent design language for your icons that third party developers, and even Apple, fail to provide. Stemming from the insect order Phasmida, I chose the name mida, with a lower-case m, because the theme was designed to "blend in."
All icons, shapes, and gradients were crafted by hand with ❤️ in Sketch App.

~ Features ~

  • 500+ App Icons
  • 100+ Alternate App Icons
  • Clock and Calendar Icons (iOS 14 ✅)
  • Settings Icons
  • Status Bar Icons
  • Battery Themes
  • Respring Animation
  • Easy Requests

~ Easy Requests ~

To request an AppStore icon for mida on iOS 13+, install this Shortcut, then force press on an icon and tap “Share App”! You may need to enable “allow untrusted shortcuts” in the Settings app first!
You can request infinite icons using this shortcut, but to make room for other users' requests, you can only submit a few icon requests every 30 days. Icons that have already been released or requested by other users will not count toward this tally, and the Shortcut will let you submit a different icon instead!
If you can help me convert this Shortcut into a tweak, please email me!
For alternative request methods and more information about icon or feature requests, visit Priority will be given to requests via the Shortcut method.

~ Compatibility ~

mida is compatible with most iOS jailbreak theming engines, up to iOS 14, including SnowBoard, iThemer, Juice, Alkaline, Xeon, and NiceBarX. Some features can be enabled via SnowBoard extensions available on SparkDev’s repo:
More detailed tweak and iOS compatibility information can be found at Your device must be jailbroken to use mida.

~ Trial + Refunds ~

All mida purchases are final. If you purchased mida and something isn’t working as it was described here, please email me, and I will try to help you fix the issue locally or in a future release. Click here to report a mida bug.

~ Known Issues ~

  • Anemone might not theme icons (if you can confirm if it works for you or want to help me get this working, send me this email:

© 2020 Trent Kelsall

Version History Version History
  • Added 46 (out of 46) requested icons
Version 1.16
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Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 7 - 14

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