XenTasks for iPad
$3.99 USD

Please let me know if anything goes wrong about it. I really would like to hear from you (:

  • XenHTML
  • XenInfo

Looks flawless with Notifica and NowPlayingDisable. Those aren't a must.
You need to configure it first when you add the widget from XenHTML by clicking bottom options icon on widget alignment page. If it shrinks or enlarges after update, please remove from xenhtml and readd the widget with making its configuration.

  • Reminders (scrollable)
  • Calendar (scrollable)
  • Music Control
  • Weather (tap shows music control)
  • Time (tap for upcoming alarm)
  • Query link

*the dots color on reminder indicates its priority, on calendar these indicate its category. Calendar also shows its start time, date and location

  • 12/24-hour clock
  • User selectable show first calendar/reminders
  • Startup animation
  • Show/hide clock, weather, music or power toggle for url query
  • Show/hide arrow on left of weather to indicate music control
  • Dark background
  • Scaling
  • Reduced space option to hide icon rows

Supports localization for English, Turkish, German and Russian
Only the ones that have issue/s that can't be solved by contacting with me will be refunded.
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Version History Version History
  • Added scaling options
  • Added support for youtube titles and video filenames on music widget
  • Added additional fixes for date formats
  • Added option to hide icon row (minimal design)
  • Albumart now fills the reserved space (square) even for youtube video thumbnails
  • Added ‘Deutsch’ support
  • Now tapping on artwork dismisses music widget too
  • Added tap on clock to show the incoming alarm time
Version 0.6.0
Updated July 5, 2019
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 10.0 - 13.4.1

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