Redesign your Notification Center

Blanca converts the Notification Banners to leaf style. It is a fully customizable tweak for your Notification Center. It redesigns your notification banners, widgets, media player and dock to leaf style. 
Not sold by the idea of leaf design? Blanca allows you to modify the banners based on your need. Add custom corner radius to make your own designs. It also supports flat Android style edge to edge notifications.
Currently it only supports iOS 13+, but an update for iOS 12 will be coming soon !

  • Leaf Style Design
    • Options to style the Notification banners, Widgets, Lock screen media player and the dock.
  • Notification Content
    • Change the number of lines displayed in summary of your notifications.
    • Hide media icon.
    • Hide the app icon.
    • Hide ‘x more notifications’ label.
  • More Settings
    • Change the corner radius as per your needs.
    • Android style edge to edge notifications.
    • Option to convert round all the corners.

Compatible with ColorBanners3 and ColorMeNotifs.
Compatibility issues with FloatingDockPlus13 (for designing the dock)

Known Issues:
  • minor UI discrepancy with ColorFlow5
Version History Version History
  • Add Quart support
  • Add option to hide media in notifications
  • Fix compatibility issue with ColorBanners3, ColorMeNotifs, TinyBanners, BoardBanners13, NextUp2 and Blots
  • Fix color issues with notification background
  • Fix a crash for certain users on respring
Version 1.0.1
Updated May 14, 2020
Restriction(s) Free
iOS Version(s) 13.0 or later