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4.5out of 5
  • homegesture lite1.1
    Jul 28, 2018

    please fix the screenshots, its the only problem :/

  • Carrier name disappear1.1
    Jul 26, 2018

    Homegesture lite version remove carrier name in status bar without user informed. I want to ask author not to touch the carrier name in this lite version.

  • Good job but need more1.1
    Jul 15, 2018

    I really like the missing status bar,when you pull down the CC.But it really lags on cc with slow animation,an also it lags sometimes in unlock animation.Thanx devs for the great tweak but it needs some work.

  • Awesome1.1
    Jul 14, 2018

    Simple & perfect works. Great powerful tweak 😍

5.0out of 5
  • Screenshot not working.1.0
    Jul 12, 2018

    This tweak might be my favorite since it brings the feel of the iPhone X to old devices. Im using iPhone 6 ios 11.3.1 and find out that the screenshot pressing the to buttons its not working after installian the tweak. Thanks for such a great tweak and thanks in advance.