When old clashes with new.

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*This release includes 130 icons. Every stock icon has been themed along with a bunch popular third party applications. The icon count will grow with every update. My twitter DM’s are always open so please send any and all icon requests! : @xerusdesign*

*This theme was built for Snowboard and requires both Snowboard and Snowboard Icon Effects Extension from *


Ceramic is a mix of old and new iOS icon designs. Splitting both icon designs down the middle and combining them - and it really works well. The color palette is of iOS 7 but is used in the same way the gradients of iOS 6 where used. The glyphs are ever so slightly semi-transparent with some bold inner shadows and beautiful outer shadows. It comes with 4 icon styles : Stock, Shimmer, Shine and Shimmer and Shine combined. You can see these styles in the screenshots.

I want to give a huge shoutout to @eli_schiff on twitter for posting his original concept of this stye of icon design. I immediately loved it and this most certainly would never’ve happened if it wasn’t for him.

Lastly id like to give a shoutout to @dlevi309 for giving me the name of this theme : Ceramic. It just fits and works so well!

Thanks to everyone who has supported this theme just by simply showing me you like it. It means a lot!

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Version 1.0
Updated December 25, 2019
Restriction(s) Free
iOS Version(s) 8.0 or later
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