A theme by @xerusDesign.


Melt is a theme that focuses on detail and style. It mixes shimmer and shine with soft and smooth and even adds a little shadow into the mix. The gradients are carefully created to ensure a vibrant and pleasant experience. The semi opaque style was originally inspired by my previous theme “Felicity” but is more dramatic in this theme to give that melting look and feel. The slight dark inner shadow is there to give the sensation that all the glyphs are in fact an object of their own and they are actually floating above the gradient ever so slightly. All of these details offer an experience that no other theme currently gives.


Melt arrives with around 100 icons that cover all stock apps and a few popular apps. More icons will be added every update so please send your icon requests to my twitter here!
Works with both Anemone and Snowboard.

Planned Features

Settings Icons
Slight UI Changes 
Alt Icons

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UpdatedDecember 2, 2018
LicenseFree Package
Supported iOS Version(s)7.0 or later
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