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Just like a watch, a theme should have a timeless look. Designed so you want to use it everyday, without question.
Offwhite brings you that, for the app icons on your device. Keeping the familiar iOS look, but with a twist. Most of the harsh white elements you would normally find are slightly blended in with the rest of the icon to create a transparent feel. It's also much more pleasant to the eyes. The smooth gradients with perfect colors result in a perfect harmony between all icons. Experience it yourself, everytime you unlock your device, with Offwhite.

This theme comes with:

● 255+ Redesigned App Icons
● Themed Settings Icons
● UI Sounds
● Themed Badge
● Beautiful Gradient Wallpapers
● And many more to come!

Work In Progress

● More Icons and Alternatives
● Status Bar
● Dock
● Further UI Elements

Request more icons!

Just send me a message via Email, Reddit or Twitter and provide a proof of purchase (PayPal transaction ID f.e.)

Email: [email protected]
Reddit: /u/ZyoxDesigns/
Twitter: @ZyoxDesigns

If you want to "try" this theme, sure. But if you like/use it, please buy it. Thanks.

  • Added 35 new icons
  • Added UI Sounds
  • More alternative icons
  • Fixed bundleId’s
  • Fixed settings.app icons
  • Improved some icons
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UpdatedJuly 25, 2018
Restriction(s) PayPal: $2.00
Supported iOS Version(s)iOS 7 or later
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  • Very beautifull1.0
    May 18, 2018


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