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!- this is the original BundleIDsXI, including A12 support -!

This app allows you to see the Bundle ID's of all the applications installed on your device. This app was originally by @NoahSaso. Sadly it appears that he has since gone inactive around a year ago and the app was only ever compiled for 32-bit devices. I figured this would be a relatively easy first attempt at jailbreak projects seeing as I have never really worked in this scene but have a little bit of coding knowledge from other types of small personal projects. An absolutely HUGE thanks to @Skittyblock and @TheTomMetzger for all of their help in getting this update working and tested. I hope you all enjoy it even though it is a relatively small project. And finally a huge thanks to @xanDesign_ for making the amazing new icon. If you would like to stay up to date with future updates to this package or possible new packages from me, please leave a follow over on my Twitter @TD_Advocate. Staying true to the original project, I have made my update open source for all to take a look at and even help me learn by helping me update the app further. You can check out my fork of the app at this link here. I have listed all of the changes that have been made from Noah's last build of the app below to show what all is new.

Updates from Noah's last build:

  1. Support for all iOS 11-11.4 beta 3 devices and firmwares
  2. Removed all new iOS 11 "applications" that are never actually seen by the user (let me know if I missed any or hid ones that I should not have)
  3. Full iPhone X support
  4. Changes to alert views
  5. New "Copy All" feature
  6. Brand new icon
  7. Minor code changes to remove deprecated code





July 1st, 2019

iOS Compatibility

11 - 13

What's New

  • Small version bump to include new maintainer/ author.