Activator Theme fix
Addons (Activator)
Activator Theme fix

This package is deactivating the iconclass effect from activator, so themers are able to theme the activator icon like any other icons with the iconbundles option from anemone.

  • activator is no depency for this package, so themers can use it as depency without forcing users to install activator itself.
  • put as depency in your package to autoinstall this package with your theme
  • if you install activator or an update from it, the theme fix auto disable the iconclass effect again.
  • to theme the activator icon just name your theme file libactivator-large.png and put it in Library/Themes/Themename.theme/Iconbundles/
  • iconmasks won't be work with this fix! if your theme includes an mask, you have to mask the icon itself.

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Version History Version History
  • -release
Version 1.0
Updated September 2, 2018
Restriction(s) Free
iOS Version(s) 7.0 or later

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