CarPlayClassic... What does that mean?
CarPlayClassic contains the old nowplaying icon, the old homebutton and the old portal icons from carbridge.
iOS 14 info:
Make sure you have Sparks repo installed before installing CarPlayClassic.
What theming engine can i use?
You can use iThemer or Snowboard.
-If you wanted to use Snowboard you have to install the ui extension from Sparks repo.
- iThemer is working without extensions, but is on iOS 14 currently broken.
Is there more from you?
I have my personal repo and some stuff here on packix:

-to see my other packages tap here!

-to add my personal repos just tap here!

and to follow me on Twitter tap: @rio_doro

I have problems with one of your themes, how can i contact you?
You can send me a mail or iMessage @

Version History Version History
  • -iOS 14 support added
  • -Package icon added
Version 1.4
Updated March 8, 2021
Restriction(s) Free
iOS Version(s) 13.0 or later