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ComicSans Theme

ComicSans is a beautiful theme for anemone and all i devices with IOS 7 and above!
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You want to test it before you buy it? You can install an test version if you tap here!

  • over 180 themed apps each with black and white rings
  • alternative logos for some apps, just tap on one app inside the wiggle mode (youtube, netflix, cydia, google maps and anemone)
  • icon mask for unthemed applications
  • full themed preference icons with black and white rings
  • one static respring logo
  • one animated respring logo
  • themes for "Fingal"
  • "PreferenceOrganizer" "Tweaks" icon
  • icons for "KillBackground"
  • 3D effect for the ios toggle switch
  • optimized icon for "SpinSettings"
  • 2 "LockGlyph" designs
Dependings to use all features:
  • Activator Themes fix for an themed activator icon (installs automaticly)
  • you have to uninstall "makerespringsgreatagain" to use the animated respring logo.
  • Fingal (IOS 8 and above) or SpinSettings (IOS 7) for a spinning settings icon.
  • PrefercenceOrganizer
  • LockGlyph
  • KillBackground

  • The darkmode from the screenshots is not included!
  • After activating the theme it is recommendet to run "uicache" via terminal and to respring your device.
  • ComicSans is currently not fully working with the Anemone alternative Snowboard, because Snowboard is unable to use iconeffects. This means that unthemed icons won´t be themed automatically.

Other stuff from me:

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  • - added option to deactivate the themed badges
  • -added activator default and alternative icons
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UpdatedSeptember 3, 2018
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Supported iOS Version(s)7.0 or later
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  • Awesome theme!1.1
    Aug 4, 2018

    Really cool and nice looking theme, i love it!

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