Supports iOS 13, iOS 14
Compatible with A12 & A13 & A14
Make text editing easy and fun.

Sometimes you need to take a portion of an entire paragraph that is not adjacent to a word or phrase and use it to continue your search or navigation, etc. You need to copy a small part to another application, and another small part to another application, and slowly combine it to make it the way you want it, and with BigBangX it will be easy.

  • Blow up sentences of your choice to make them into individual words, and you can pick any combination you want to make new sentences!
  • Customize your BigBangX ActionMenu so that you can call it anytime.
  • You can customize the style of the splitter interface.
  • When you choose your words, there will be Tips.
  • You can customize the vibration effect when using the BigBangX.
  • Listening to the PasteBoard, you can listen to the clipboard in the specified application, and when you copy the text, it will bring up the BigBangX button, which you can use to invoke the BigBangX view to do the next action.
  • You can customize the position of the BigBangX button.
  • The ability to translate or search for text you selected in BigBangX view.
  • Text recognition: via the OCR & BigBang menu in the System Share menu, You can recognize text from screenshots and quickly complete text editing. Supports proofreading function.
  • URLScheme support allows you to extend the text of your choice with URLScheme, such as quick save to memo, quick navigation, make a phone call, and more.
  • The history feature allows you to save a certain number of open histories.
  • Third party calls, after copying the text, you can go through Control Center or Activator to open the BigBangX view.
  • The splits in the BigBangX view can be modified by long-pressing to combine them into new sentences, or new words.

It does NOT support iOS 12.
It does NOT support iPad.
Report bugs:
Simply send me a dm on Twitter @yang_harapeko
Or join discord from setting and talk with me.

Version History Version History
  • fix compatibility with FancySelection
  • fix errors with translation and search which like "queried contains illegal characters"
Version 2.1.0
Updated May 22, 2021
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 13 - 14.4