For iOS 13 only (Partially supports iOS 14)

The highly customizable volume hud.

Sonus13 a beautiful looking replacement for the stock volume hud. It is completely customizable to your needs. For iOS 13.

Adjust all the things.

A small volume HUD with dynamic colors? You can do that.
Hide status bar items while showing a minimal volume HUD? Sure, why not.
OLED mode when your device is sleeping? Now you can.
Pink overlay with blue indicators and a turquoise volume bar? Please don’t.

All available customization options.

Volume HUD

– Colors
– Thickness 😎
– Length
– Rounded corners
– Vertical appearance
– Color
– Drop shadow
– Blur background
– Blur style
– Border radius
– Padding
– Alignment
– X position (portrait and landscape)
– Y position (portrait and landscape)


Status bar hiding
– Time
– Carrier etc. (non Notch devices)
– Battery etc. (non Notch devices)
– Everything (non Notch devices)
– Ringer
– Media
– Volume percentage
– Indicator size
– Single indicator
– Color
– Fade
– Time on screen
– Duration of fade animation
– Duration of slider animation
– OLED mode
– Lockscreen
– Haptic feedback
– Always show (show Sonus13 in application that have a custom volume HUD)
– Export
– Import

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Version 1.0.5
Updated February 26, 2020
Restriction(s) Free
iOS Version(s) 13 or later
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