Reva UI
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Reva UI (for iOS 13) brings a fresh look to your phone by theming your UI.
This theme covers most UI aspects and apps such as:

  • Phone + InCall screen
  • Messages + Message Bubbles
  • Mail
  • Safari
  • Calendar
  • Music + Music Controls
  • Lock screen icons (Camera and Flashlight)
  • Keyboard (Mic, Globe, and Emoji)
  • Notes
  • App Store
  • Clock
  • Photos
  • Status Bar (Airplane, DND, Bluetooth, Rotation Lock, Alarm, Location)

But it doesn’t stop here!
Reva UI also themes 3rd party applications such as WhatsApp, Zebra, and Cydia.

Please follow the below instructions to get the best results:

To Apply the Theme

To apply the UI theme, use Snowboard + Snowboard UI extension from SparkDev repo. If you use other theming engines, you will not get the best result so please use Snowboard and the UI extension! I will not be troubleshooting issues with other theming engines

Message Bubbles

For the message bubbles, you have several options (choose one!) to remove that pesky line that appears behind text: 

  1. BubbleLineRemover (Make sure to enable "Disable Mask on Images" so that pictures are shown clearly)
  2. DopeConvos (Make sure to enable "Enable UI theming" option, and "Disable Mask on Images" so that pictures are shown clearly)
  3. Tap the UI extension in Snowboard settings and enable “Force Hide Bubble Gradient”

*Note: if your outgoing text is white and you can’t see it, you need a tweak to color the message bubbles

WhatsApp Bubbles

By default, they are dark grey and dark green. If you want to change their colors, I recommend Nord tweak for the best results.

Keyboard Emoji

You might face an issue where the emoji doesn't theme correctly, or only shows when tapping the key. Please follow these steps:

  1. Disable the theme
  2. Run iCleaner
  3. Enable the theme

  • LS icons don't yet work for XR and iPhone 11
  • Mic and Globe don’t work on Classic (square) phones.

Note: Disable Bold Text. It messes with the theme’s look!

Special Thanks

A lot of people made this possible by either encouraging me, inspiring me, or helping me test this on several devices.Thank you to SparkDev, Revulate, bossgfx_, Tao, iM4CH3T3, Bypass, Alex, Kenny, boots, and Alpine.
For any inquiries not answered in this very detailed description, you can reach me on Twitter (@alolastmoment)

Refund Policy

I have provided a very detailed description, and the screenshots are accurate (they are screenshots from my device) thus I will not accept any refunds which state "it doesn't work," or "not up to my standards," or "not satisfied" after 24 hours.

Version History Version History
  • Added Mic icon in Spotlight
  • Fixed Emoji icons when having only one language (keyboard)
Version 1.0.1
Updated May 22, 2020
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) iOS 13 or later

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