Jailbreak Update Checker

Check for (and do) jailbreak updates automatically

What's this?

This tweak checks for updates to your jailbreak at respring and once every 24 hours (automatically).
If an update is available, you will be alerted and you can update by tapping "Update".
Also, if for some reason you do not have a network connection and cannot check, you will be added to a queue and updates will be checked as soon as a network connection becomes available.
Currently, only Taurine is supported. (This depends on Jailbreak Updater)

How it works

The tweak compares the hash value of the jailbreak file on the device with the hash of the latest version of the file.
And if the latest version is available, it will alert you and run Coolstar's Jailbreak Update with your consent.
The download and hash calculation of the latest version is done automatically by the following script.
This tweak is not implemented to execute commands from online.


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Version History Version History
  • Add a display of the update log
  • Add a feature to download IPA file after update
Version 0.0.2
Updated April 20, 2021
Restriction(s) Free
iOS Version(s) 14 or later