ReProvision Reborn


Provisioning is undertaken via the user's Apple ID credentials, and supports both paid and free development accounts. These credentials are stored in the user's Keychain for subsequent re-use, and are only sent to Apple's iTunes Connect API for authentication.

  • Automatic re-signing of locally provisioned applications.
  • Basic settings to configure alerts shown by the automatic re-signing.
  • Ability to install any .ipa file downloaded through Safari from the device.
  • Support for re-signing Apple Watch applications.
  • 3D Touch menu for starting a new re-signing routine directly from the Homescreen.
  • Support for URL Scheme (reprovision://install?url=<ipa url>

Why 'Reborn'?

This project had been EOL and I have resurrected it.
One thing to note is that I do not intend to update for non-iOS. Perhaps an update for iOS make it incompatible with other operating systems.
Please don't bother the original developer about issues on this version.


  • Add support for iOS 14+
  • Add support for arm64e devices
  • Fix errors related to certificate (Thanks: @nyuszika7h)
  • Fix signing issues (Thanks: AltSign by @rileytestut)

... and more!


See the descriptions on the app.
I will not provide any support. If you have faced any problems, open a issue on Github.


The app uses Firebase Analytics and Crashlytics to collect crash logs.
No personally identifiable or sensitive information is collected.
See the source code for more details.


ReProvision (and ReProvision Reborn) is NOT for piracy.
Absolutely no warranty or guarantee is provided; the software is provided AS-IS.


Version History Version History
  • Fix many bugs that caused crashes
  • Fix a bug that prevented the 'Register Apple Watch' button from working.
Version 0.8.3~release
Updated October 25, 2021
Restriction(s) Free
iOS Version(s) 9 or later