• Multi-window mode
  • Resizing each windows
  • Minimising windows
  • Open an app as window from 3D Touch

... and more!
This tweak adds multi-window capability to iOS, just like a modern desktop OS.
For example, you can play a game and have other apps open at the same time, or even control (tap) other apps at the same time.


The first time you start, you will need access to settings to activate the tweak!

  • Windowing your app: In AppSwitcher, long tap on the target app
  • Close window: Tap the red button
  • Minimise window: Tap the yellow button
  • Maximise window: Tap the green button
  • Move window: Hold and move the top bar
  • Resize window: hold the grey button on the right end of the top bar to resize (double tap to lock/unlock aspect ratio)


This tweak works on all versions and devices (including iPad) from iOS 13 to iOS 14.
However, although we will maintain support for iOS 13 as long as possible, the new features may only be compatible with iOS 14.
So, we recommend that you update your device if the iOS 14 jailbreak is released.
If you encounter any problems with the latest version, please contact us. We will do our best to fix it as soon as possible.
Support is available on our official Discord account.
As for Twitter, we may not receive any notifications, so we will only send out information from us. (@soh_satoh)
If you need help, please contact Discord. (English only)
We recommend following our account on Twitter to receive the latest version information.

Feature Requests

You can submit feature requests here

Future Updates

We are going to maintain this package up to the last minor update of iOS 15.
However, in the event of unforeseen problems caused by a major update released by Apple, there may be times when it is slow or impossible to provide updates.
In most cases, the problem is not that big a deal, but we value the user's choice most of all.
We hope you will think twice before buying this package.


Tweak is not working properly
We have tested this software many times during its development.
However, it is still possible for bugs to occur.
If we receive a bug report similar to the one you are facing, we will address it as soon as possible.
However, if the bug is specific to your device, most likely due to a tweak conflict or network environment, we will not be able to help you.
If this is the case, please use iCleaner or similar to disable all tweaks except MilkyWay3 or change your network environment.

Refund Policy

Wrong purchase/Change of mind
Due to the impossibility of us investigating these reasons, we are unable to offer refunds for these reasons.
We recommend that you consider looking at other people's reviews before you buy.
Refund requests due to bugs will be refunded if we are unable to fix them within one month.
Please report the bug first on Discord or Twitter. Without the help of our users, it may be difficult for us to fix the bug.
If a tweak causes a crash, it is mandatory to submit a crash log for it.
We also reserve the right to refuse a refund in the unlikely event that the bug is specific to your device, caused by another tweak, or caused by software designed to crack it.
Also, due to the way this tweak works, the app may be forced to quit due to lack of memory if a large number of apps are windowed. This is unlikely to happen in general use, but this is a specification.


We collect the UDID and device model, only for activating tweak.
Your device has to be connected to Packix to download license file only when you access to its preference.


If you would like to contribute to this tweak, you are welcome to help with the translation.
Please send a pull request to our Github page below.

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MilkyWay3 is the only tweak licensed by the original developers of MilkyWay.

Version History Version History
  • Fix a critical bug on v0.2.7
  • Add "launch as window" option to 3D touch menu
  • Add Italian (Thanks to Luca Geek)
  • When the window is maximised, press the green button to return to the original size
  • Fix conflicts with other tweaks (AnimationsBeFastPlus, etc.)
  • Fix an issue where the keyboard would not display properly when rotating the screen
  • Fix a bug that prevented the window from appearing after unlocking
Version 0.2.7-1
Updated January 10, 2021
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 13 or later

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