Colorful, happy, modern.

modernOS brings a more modern feel to the stock iOS icons.
modernOS requires a theming engine such as SnowBoard, Anemone, or iThemer. modernOS was intended for use and tested with SnowBoard. Other theming engines may work, too.

Why is modernOS better than others?

modernOS has 175+ icons, carefully designed to provide the best experience to the customer.

Icon requests

Since each one of my themes has the same apps, you may submit icon requests on GitHub here. You can make an issue using the “Icon Request” template for every icon you’d like to request. Requesting icons helps the growth of modernOS and my other themes.

Bug reports

Is an icon looking funny or is a variant not applying? You may submit a bug report on GitHub here. You can make an issue using the “Bug Report” template (specify modernOS) and describe the issue.

Refund requests

Refunds will be automatically denied if they were submitted after the first 24 hours of purchase.
Troll refunds will also be denied, aka. “I thought this was for Android” or “My friend made me buy this”
Refunds like “My phone can't be jailbroken” will be accepted only before the first 24 hours of purchase.


Although this is a paid package, if you like my work and want to give more money, you may send donations to my PayPal.

Version History Version History
  • 20+ new icons
Version 1.1
Updated January 10, 2022
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 7.0 - 14.8.1