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Eclipse X (iOS 11)


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For iOS 10, use Eclipse 4.

Personalize your device with Eclipse X, a system-wide night mode for iOS 11! Finally, get rid of that ugly white, retina-burning interface that we all know and hate! 

Eclipse X allows you to change the color scheme of (most) applications, including an all-new "Midnight mode"!

Eclipse X features:

  • Rebuilt for iOS 11
  • Lightweight tweak, consumes NO battery life! (In some cases, it saves battery!)
  • Support for many popular App Store apps (with more being added soon!)
  • System-wide colorization
  • User-customizable settings
  • Midnight mode "true dark" for a truly black UI! (OLED Screens!)

For an even better dark mode experience, pair EclipseX with NoctisXI!

Contact @fr0st on twitter for bug reports and feature requests!

Refund Policy:

A refund will be issued, no questions asked, provided that your purchase was within 2 days of the refund request. After 2 days, your refund request will be declined.

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May 4th, 2019

iOS Compatibility

11.0 - 11.4.1

What's New

  • Fix crashes when Bazzi is installed


Guillermo Morán (@fr0st)