The highly evolved successor to Firefly!
Add style to your device by adding glows to your icons, notifications, dock, widgets and more!
Icon Glows:

  • Add a glow to your icon if it has a notification
  • Choose color, or adaptive color feature
  • Choose a separate Folder color
  • Choose the classic ‘Firefly style’
  • Choose to apply glow to all icons

Notification Banners, Open Folder Backgrounds, Widgets and Dock:

  • Add style to these sections with a glow!
  • Choose the color
  • Choose the glow intensity


  • Animate your icons with style, with the classic styles from the original firefly and new ones!
  • Choose the color, style, duration and option to animation folders!
  • Animation Styles consist of Standard glow, Multi-Colours, Blink, Border blink, Icon Expand and icon rotate.
  • Option to animate all icons, not just icons with notifications.

Icon Borders:

  • FireflyX gives you the ability to add borders to your icons!
  • Choose the color, and width and blacklist.
  • Also features a whitelist so that you can choose which icons HAVE the borders.

Misc Settings:

  • Many other settings including disabling folders, icon blacklists, show original badges, show labels and much more.

Animation Videos:

Check out the pictures for more information!
*Previous purchases of Firefly get a 50% discount.
Compatible with iOS 11-13.

Version History Version History
  • iOS 14 compatibility
Version 1.3
Updated December 8, 2020
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 11.0 - 14.5

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