Take back your Folders with FolderPlus!  
Tired of the same old folders day in and day out? Well with FolderPlus you have the option to customize almost every aspect of Folders to how YOU want!  
Below shows most of the options that you're able to choose from with FolderPlus:

  • Enable different open folder BG colors  
  • Custom background color  
  • Add gradients to open folders  
  • Custom multiple gradient colors  
  • Custom Folder Icon color  
  • Custom Font color  
  • Custom App Library Color  
  • Cool Clear Background effect!
  • Enable Open Folder and Icon Borders  
  • Custom Border Color  
  • Custom Border Width  
  • Enable different sizes  (pre-defined & custom)
  • Multiple pre-defined sizes to choose from including a new concept.  
  • Can now choose your own custom width and height of open folders.
  • Enable custom layouts  
  • Custom open folder rows  
  • Custom open folder columns  
  • Custom Title font alignment
  • Custom Title x/y axis placement  
  • Animations, choose from a bunch of different styles of animations.
  • Color scheming engine added.
  • Choose from over 15 color palettes which automatically colonize different aspects of your open & closed folders.
  • Custom Animation colors, styles and duration.
  • Custom Title font color  
  • Option to enable Bold on font  
  • Hiding Options  
  • More options to choose from  

FolderPlus will have REGULAR updates with new features.
Built for iOS 14 but works great on iOS 13 as well!
**Works on iOS 13/14**
*Refund Policy:  
24hr returns: Most returns that are initiated with 24hrs of purchase will be approved. Some circumstances may apply.  
Bug/Problem returns: If for whatever reason we can not solve the issue, a refund will be approved, most refunds submissions under this category require to be problem solved. 

Version History Version History
  • Bug Fixes
  • Added ability for custom open folder width and height sizing.
  • Added ability for custom title position on x/y axis.
  • - Color Scheming engine added.
  • Can now choose over 15 color palettes that automatically colorize items related to folders. (BG, text, shadows, etc..
  • Re-designed settings page into multiple pages based on folder section.
  • Clear backgrounds option added
  • Animations feature added
  • - Choose from 4 different animations. From background effects to shadow effects.
  • Folder icon borders added
  • Can now enable and choose colour, width and radius of icon borders, separate from open folder borders
Version 1.1
Updated September 6, 2021
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 13.0 - 14.8