Labels and notifications, the way YOU want!
Tired and bored of the stock labels?
With Labels+ you can now do much more with your labels than before! Enough of the plain text and no choices! Now you can change labels to whatever you like. You are now able to change the text color, add some background colors, borders, gradients and most importantly allow your labels to alert YOU when your app has a notification. 
Label+ Features:

  • Notifications: Your labels can alert you when there is an app/folder notification via an animation. Video 1 , Video 2
  • Text Color: Change the color of the text to what you like.
  • Background Colors & Borders: You can now add background colors and borders to your labels! Customize the colors, corner radius and border widths!
  • Adaptive Colors: You can add adaptive colors to both the background and borders. 
  • Position: Dont like the label on the bottom of the app? You can now choose which side you would like it to be positioned.
  • Just Borders: Using a combination of clear backgrounds and adaptive borders you can give your labels some flare!
  • Gradients: Labels+ also allows you to add some gradients to the background of your labels. 
  • Glows: Add a glowing effect to your label text. Choose the color and also the radius effect of the glow.

Works on iOS 12/13/14
Refund Policy:
24hr returns: Most returns that are initiated with 24hrs of purchase will be approved. Some circumstances may apply.
Bug/Problem returns: If for whatever reason we can not solve the issue, a refund will be approved, most refunds submissions under this category require to be problem solved. 

Version History Version History
  • Initial release
Version 1.0
Updated January 13, 2021
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 12.0 - 14.5