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CopyLog is an awesome clipboard history manager, it’s easy to use, works on both iPhone and iPad and will help you keep track of what you’ve copied on your device.
Compatible from iOS 11 to iOS 13.X.X (A12/A13 Support) iPhone & iPad

With its similar layout to the Paste for Mac app, it’s familiar for some users, and allows easy access to text snippets that automatically get added to your history. CopyLog also allows you to favorite text snippets to keep them safe and easy to access.
Just let CopyLog do its clipboard saving in the background, and if you ever need to recover something you copied, you can! CopyLog is also useful if you need to copy multiple text snippets, as you’ll just need to open its UI with a single swipe to paste each one of them!
Need to find a specific snippet? Use the search feature by swiping left to right! You can even preview webpage content for snippets containing a link by swiping up on their content! Want to airdrop or share a snippet with a jailbroken/non jailbroken friend? Just long press on the snippet and click the share button! Use an app that fills your clipboard with undesired junk? Just hit the BlackList icon in the snippet share sheet! CopyLog has a lot of features to other!
How to use:
Start copying, then do a swipe up gesture on your keyboard to show the clipboard history, then tap any text snippet you want to paste!
Some quotes about CopyLog:
"If you’re looking for a new experience on your iPhone or iPad that Apple should’ve implemented out of the box, then CopyLog is a great place to start. It works great on the iPhone, but even better for heavy-duty multitasking on the iPad."

-Anthony Bouchard, writer at iDownloadBlog

"This tweak is so useful when processing Packix Dev Applications on my iPad"

-Andrew Wiik (Packix CEO)

Make sure to check out the iDownloadBlog review (or the iPhoneTweak one if you’re french)

Version History Version History
  • Fixed springboard freezes on load
  • Fixed paste daemon memory overloads
  • Fixed notification toggle
Version 1.3.3
Updated December 26, 2019
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 11 or later

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