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iThemer is a simple, yet powerful theme engine that allows you to theme most of your device.

iThemer currently supports the following:

  • Theming home screen icons using the IconBundles @2x/3x/~large methods.
  • Systemwide UI (.car/.artwork files) for in-App UI/StatusBar/Control Center etc theming.
  • Bundles/Folders theming for APP UI / Tweak settings icons etc.
  • Page Dots (using ANEMPageDots or MagicDots)
  • ClassicDock support (SBDockBG style docks)
  • Custom Badges
  • Calendar and Clock theming
  • Clock hand theming
  • Settings Icons
  • UISounds
  • System wide font and emoji support
  • Overlays and shadows (compatible with AnemoneEffects or IconOmatic themes)
  • Icon Masks
  • Dock Reflections
  • Folder Customization (compatible with ANEMFolderIconBG and ANEMFolderBackground)
  • FolderIcons based on folder names
  • and more on the way!

Upcoming for near future release:

  • Re-Add dock support for iPads and iPhone users running floating dock tweaks (FloatyDock etc)
  • Possibly a stand alone app and better theme application method

I am still considering iThemer a beta, and I hope to keep adding more features as time goes on. I plan to have a more user friendly theme applying method once I have the time (if someone familiar with creating Apps wants to give a hand, please let me know).

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May 28th, 2020

iOS Compatibility

10.0 - 13.5

What's New

  • Fixed reported bugs
  • Some performance improvements
  • Added back UISounds with support for arm64/e
  • Nothing new this release, just bugs and performance. Next release will have new features including iOS 13 wifi/signal theming, a better application method and more