If you like using Twitter a lot,

then you might take an interest in this tweak

Twitter Labs unlocks a range hidden settings from within the app that you typically couldn’t access on a stock device.

Here, you can:

Tweet Composer Options
  • Disable Floating Tweet Composer
  • Movable Floating Tweet Composer
  • Integrated Tweet Composer
  • Docked Tweet Composer
Timeline Options
  • Chronological Timeline
  • News Camera
  • Dominant Colour Cards
  • See what platform people tweeted from
  • Drag and Drop
  • Draft Sheet
  • Automatic Night mode
  • News Tabs
  • Dash Highlights
  • Dash Friends
  • Dash News
Profile Options
  • Quick Unfollow
  • Profile Sheet
  • Collapse Bio's
Options with nothing to configure
  • Download Videos
  • View Blocked Profiles

Thanks to Luca geek for the name choice
Twitter Labs is intended to work in the official Twitter app, which you can download for free from the App Store.

  • see what platform people tweet from (Added)
Previous Changes
UpdatedDecember 7, 2018
LicenseFree Package
Supported iOS Version(s)10 - 12.1
5.0out of 5
  • Awesome twitter tweak 0.0.8
    Dec 7, 2018

    Love this tweak! The detail is great and I love the compatability with other tweaks. Sensational addition to my JB and I can't wait to see what comes in the future!

  • Solid!0.0.8
    Dec 7, 2018

    Solid tweak from solid dev. I hardly ever have any issues with Chloe’s tweaks. Side note: to any users that sees this, turn off auto app updates in your phone settings to prevent updating to a twitter version that may not be compatible with this tweak (yet.)

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