Apace 2 (iOS 11)
$3.00 USD

Compatible with iOS 11
Works with Spotify Music, Deezer or the iOS Music app.
Looking for iOS 10 compatibility? Check out the first Apace on BigBoss.
Requires RocketBootstrap and libcolorpicker from BigBoss.
Tested on Spotify version 8.5.0.
Tested on Deezer version 7.6.0.
Apace 2 lets you, right from the lockscreen or Control Center, add the current track to playlist(s) and collection. It also comes with easily accessible buttons to toggle shuffle, repeat, incognito and offline mode. If that wasn't enough, Apace 2 adds Spotify Connect devices to the iOS list of audio routes.
The buttons are presented when holding down on the now playing widget, either at lockscreen or in Control Center. Simply drag the finger to the desired action and release.
Apace 2 was built with customization in mind. Visit the iOS settings app to disable and enable actions, change colors, corner radius and behaviour.
Note: the lockscreen playlist view is dismissed by swiping back to the start lockscreen page.
Compatible with BetterCCXI and Artsy.
Having an issue? Report it at the public GitHub repo.
Configure Apace 2 in Settings.
Note: after installation, you must activate the tweak within its preference panel. If LittleX is installed, disable it and respring before activation. You may enable LittleX afterwards.

Version History Version History
  • Fixed Deezer crashes latest version.
  • Fixed Spotify support for latest version.
  • Small fixes for Connect devices in Control Center.
  • Some underlying changes from Apace 3 added.
  • Changed activation server.
Version 1.4.0
Updated April 11, 2019
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 11.0 - 11.4

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  • Works perfectly 1.3.1
    Oct 29, 2018

    Works perfectly