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Compatible with iOS 7 to 12.
Requires AppList.

Ever wanted to send that funny emoji but couldn't find it? Search for it with TextEmojis! Ever used Discord, Slack or Telegram? These apps implement the ability to easily input emojis by writing a colon followed by their shortcode. TextEmojis implements this system-wide but better.

On the first colon, TextEmojis will present a list of recently used emojis.

On a complete shortcode, TextEmojis will replace it with the corresponding emoji (:eyes: -> 👀)

Not comfortable with the default configuration? Head to the settings panel and create your own shortcode! (Psst: if you're really sneaky you could make it a tool for normal text replacement too, eg :mail: -> [email protected]).

Not wanting TextEmojis in some app? Head to the settings panel and blacklist said application!

TextEmojis will default the lowest height to three columns on long text fields. If that isn't enough for you, you can increase (and later decrease) the height by holding on the text label and swiping downwards.

TextEmojis smartly filters the emojis that your device can show, preventing showing lots of question marks on less updated devices. It also smartly sorts the emojis so that the most used ones come on top, and then shortcodes that begin and contain the written text after the colon. Skin tones from the integrated Apple emoji keyboard are fetched and up-to-date.

Secret extra feature: TextEmojis is loaded with over 140 text faces. Simply write a colon, scroll to the right and easily choose from lots of faces! (ง°ل͜°)ง

Note: after installation, you must activate the tweak within it's preference panel. If LittleX is installed, disable it and respring before activation. You may enable LittleX afterwards.

  • Added delay option
  • Improved the sorting algorithm
Previous Changes
Andreas Henriksson[email protected]
UpdatedOctober 26, 2018
Restriction(s) PayPal: $2.00
Supported iOS Version(s)7 or later
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  • Amazing Tweak, Terrible Issues1.0-1
    Jul 29, 2018

    The tweak overall is an amazing and useful concept. The issues that I have with the tweak are that my Snapchat app running on an old version (for the old UI) freezes upon trying to view a story and my Netflix app is unable to load after the recent update to TextEmojis. Sadly had to uninstall.

  • Great tweak, but there’s an issue.1.0
    Jul 25, 2018

    Works great, fully tested and functional but for my tweak, it keeps popping up with the notification to activate my tweak when it’s already been activated.

  • Fucking amazing1.0
    Jul 25, 2018

    Thank you for implementing what has been done in discord to our springboards! This tweak is pretty amazing for someone who is so used to using text to call emojis.

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