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Pheromone is a scent given off by an animal that can change the behaviour of another animal. A male codling moth (Cydia pomonella) can be controlled by a potential female mate in this way.

Pheromone is a tweak that changes the behaviour of Cydia. It provides various improvements to user experience and security to make Cydia more enjoyable and powerful.

Installing this will replace Codling. If you do not feel comfortable using a piece of software that will be evolving relatively quickly, do not install this package. Visit the GitHub repo to get involved in development.

iOS 7 is supported on a best-effort basis; things may work but aren't guaranteed to remain working in the future. Pheromone is tested only on iOS 8.

Current features include:

  • Brown tint color to match the Cydia icon.
  • Improvements to the search bar – a cancel button, and support for swiping down to dismiss the keyboard.
  • Blurred backgrounds on the infamous black heads-up displays (HUDs). (Originally from [Codling](/depiction/ws.hbang.codling/).)
  • Share button on package detail pages.
  • When adding a repo, if it redirects from http://http:// to https://,https://, this will be remembered permanently.
  • Repos that do not use HTTPS will display a scary security warning.
  • Pull to refresh repositories (on the Sources tab).
  • Blurred background on the progress screen.
  • Button to open a web page in Safari.





September 8th, 2019

iOS Compatibility

8.0 - 12.4

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