From the developer who brought you Cartella and Foldy...


Folders, your way
More options, new features
Folded has over features to allow you to customize your folders as much as you can imagine

  • Custom layout in folders
  • Custom folder insets/offsets (top, bottom,sides)
  • Custom folder frame size
  • Custom folder frame positioning
  • Custom folder icons (different from in-folder layout)
  • Resize the folder icon preview
  • 2x2 folder icon
  • Hide folder icon grid
  • Hide folder icon background
  • Color the folder frame (Solid color, gradient)
  • Color the view behind the folder frame (Solid color)
  • Custom wallpaper blur strength
  • Dark/light theme inside the folder
  • Hide title
  • Custom title font size
  • Custom title font
  • Custom title X/Y offset
  • Custom title font weight
  • Custom title alignment
  • Custom title color
  • Custom folder frame blur alpha
  • Custom corner radius
  • Pinch to close
  • Tap to close
  • Hide dock and pages within folders
  • Hide page dots in folders
  • Hide all page dots

Share setups
Folded has a presets sections in preferences, which allows you to share, export and import your folder setup via a unique string which contains your settings
Stable and Smooth
Folded has been written from the ground up, and many methods have been rewritten numerous times to ensure you have the best experience as a user
No restring required for most of the options, Apply your settings simply by tapping the "Apply" button
What do people say ?
"Smooth, Fast & bringing all the features of Bolders and beyond!" - u/rubbercake
"I can't believe I finally have 2x2 folder icons on iOS 13! Finally! Folded made me pregnant! And I'm not even a woman!" - u/Sure_Enough

Version History Version History
  • Fixed custom folder icons bugs
  • Icons of folders now update only after resprings to prevent ugly looking folders
Version 1.2.0
Updated June 21, 2020
Restriction(s) Free
iOS Version(s) 11.0 - 13.4