SumerPro ✨
Compatible with iOS 10-11-12-13-14
A package that includes more than 100 mods for iOS
The package includes 17 sections, which can be expanded in future releases
sections > Colors applications & Keyboard & Main & Lock screen & Top bar & Switcher & Settings application & Phone application & Camera application & Messages application & Instagram application & Cydia application & Safari application & Battery & Twitter application & Photos application & TikTok application .
Colors applications

  • Color customization (search background)
  • Color customization (search text)
  • Color customization (wallpaper app)
  • Color customization (application breaks)
  • Color customization (application font)
  • Color customization (app icons)
  • Hide application breaks


  • Customize keyboard colors >> red & white & gray & black & cyan & blue & Yellow
  • Dark keyboard
  • Predictive bar for languages not supported on keyboard


  • Show the percentage of charge inside the battery icon
  • Hide the charging alert sound
  • Customize (remaining charge warning)
  • Fake Charge Rate Allocation
  • Increase the size of the battery icon


  • Home size customization >( Customize Offer & Customize length )
  • Customize the enable and disable keys > ( Color Enable & Color disable )
  • Customize the colors for application names
  • Customize the color of the page points
  • Hide dock background
  • Hide page points
  • 3D touch color customization (Background color & Icons color )

Lock screen

  • Coloring the lock screen, app names, page points, app names, and the entire top bar
  • Hide the camera icon & Hide the Light Icon
  • Time and date on the right
  • Hide the camera and the light
  • Beautiful color gamut on the watch and app names
  • The lock plate was opened quickly
  • Customize (swipe up to unlock)

Top bar

  • Customize top bar colors
  • Watch Color
  • Battery Color
  • Network Color
  • Wi-Fi Color
  • Hide the notch
  • Hide top bar items
  • Custom text without a SIM card


  • Switcher Style like iPad
  • Set Switcher Card Shadow Opacity
  • Set Shadow Offset for Switcher Card
  • Set the Switcher Card Shadow Radius
  • set Grid Switcher Page Scale

Settings application

  • Enable Elegant Setting Settings
  • Customize the font color for the settings
  • Customize the name of the settings
  • IPhone model customization
  • Customize software version for iPhone

Phone application

  • Customize the size of the dial pad >(Small keyboard & Large keyboard)
  • Personalize phone app icons >( - Hide Favorites and Call Log - Hide Voicemail and Contacts - Hide Favorites and Voicemail - Hide Favorite Only - Hide Call Log Only - Hide Names Only - Hide Voicemail Only)
  • Hide the top and bottom tape
  • Hide contacts from Contacts
  • Hide calls from recording
  • Coloring the contact number plate
  • Contact background coloring
  • Customize call button color

Twitter application

  • The Tweet button in the middle
  • Allocate the number of followers

Camera application

  • adding iPhone 11Max Pro camera features to older devices
  • Increasing the camera zoom to 20 (compatible with 11-12 only)
  • Increasing Portrait Resolution & Video Quality

Messages application

  • Customize the size of the conversation cell
  • Customize-app-name

Instagram application

  • Customize the number of story views
  • Allocate the number of followers

Cydia application

  • Stylish look for Cydia
  • Update Cydia sources in the background

Safari application

  • Safari running in the background
  • Show bookmarks bar on top bar like iPad
  • Safari pages, grid like iPad
  • Bar windows open in the upper bar like an iPad

Photos application

  • A window pops up when editing images related to image details (name, date and colors of the photo)
  • Autoplay audio when playing video
  • Skip the delete confirmation window
  • Hide private and search albums
  • Hide media type options from albums

TikTok application

  • You can choose the direction of any country in the world on Tiktok
  • The tweak works within countries where Tik Tok is banned without the argument of a VPN app
  • It allows you to take advantage of the services and features that the Tik Tok app allows in countries that are not available in other countries, such as Astori
  • You can see the news and cultures of countries through their direction

Compatible with iOS 10-11-12-13-14
Support account @TweaksSupport
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Version History Version History
  • Add a new section for the Tik Tok application
  • Add a new option (customizing the trend in the Tik Tok app)
Version 7.0-3
Updated February 2, 2022
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) iOS 10.0 - iOS 14 +