Themes (Xeon)

Something amazing to your status bar. 
First of all, you must have Tweak Xeon Beta. Because all my work is complement and without Xeon, it wouldn't work. Thank you.

GIF Themes
  • Apple Time
  • Baby Shark
  • Chromed Bubble
  • Circles
  • Homero Jumping 
  • Load
  • Mario&Yoshi
  • Moon
  • Patrick
  • Pendule Newton
  • SpongeBob 
  • And More
IMAGE Themes 
  • Xe-Apple
  • Xe-Batman
  • Xe-DeadPool
  • Xe-Earth 
  • Xe-Freezer
  • Xe-IronMan
  • Xe-Joker
  • Xe-Piccolo
  • Xe-SpongeBob
  • Xe-Weed
  • And More
SIGNAL Themes 
  • 0val 
  • Chain
  • Circles
  • Load
  • Lucid 1
  • Triangle 
WIFI Themes
  • 0val 
  • Chain
  • Circles
  • Load
  • Lucid 1
  • Triangle 

I hope you like it ... soon I will update and bring more.
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Version History Version History
  • New redesign Wifi theme ; Ring Image theme (Zeppelin); Xe-JB Redsn0w Added “BadApple Gif”. If you want to have complete download (BadApple) free here in packix with extra supplements all for free.
  • SIGNAL THEMES; Plana, Trébol, Clasi, Tunnel
  • WIFI THEMES; Plana, Trébol, Clasi, Tunnel
  • IMAGE THEMES (Zeppelin); Xe-Togepi, Xe-MarioBrosFungi, Xe-Snorlax, Xe-Timberland, Xe-PlayStation, Xe-Psyduck, Xe-Gary
  • GIF THEMES; Lines, Earth
Version 2.1
Updated June 28, 2019
Restriction(s) Free
iOS Version(s) 11 - 12.1.2

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